Scholarship & Awards

Plan Scheme of Directorate of Education

  • Distribution of Mid-Day meal to students from classes I to VIII every day during recess.
  • Distribution of Sanitary napkins to girl students from classes VI to XII.
  • Free supply of Stationery (SC/ST/OBC/Min).
  • Merit scholarship (SC/ST/OBC/Min).
  • Free supply of text book to all (I to XII).
  • Subsidy for school uniform all (I to XII).
  • Free supply of geometry box & writing materials (I to VIII).
  • Distribution of Iron & folic Acid tablets every Wednesday from classes VI to XII.
  • De worming tablets Albendazole provided once in a year to all.
  • Legal literary programme conducted every month by resource persons appointed by Rohini court to students from IX to XII.
  • Self-defence training programme conducted by Delhi police for girls.
  • Financial assistance to CWSW.


  • Sushila Bala Memorial Prizes-Donor Shri Bama Ranjan Thakur. (Cash Award) Merit-cum-need basis.
     a)One Girl Student of XI
     b)One Girl Student of XII
  • Lok Ram Sahani, Lajwanti and Aseharaj Shahni Memorial Prizes-Donor-Shri Kedar Nath Sahani (Cash Award). Highest marks in the school (Board's Examination) Topper XII.
  • Ashutosh Gupta Memorial Award-Donor-Miss Sadhana Gupta (Cash Award)
     a) Highest marks in class IX
     b) Highest marks in class XI
  • Sushil Kumar Ganguly Memorial Prize. (Donor Mrs. Aruna Singh)
     a) Highest marks in English-class IX
     b) Highest marks in Sanskrit-class VIII
  • Prizes donated by Miss Manta Bose in memory of Late Prof. Sudhir Kumar Bose.
     a) Highest marks in Board’s Exam of class X
     b) Highest marks in Boards’s Exam of class XII
  • Two Prizes in memory of Late N. M. Biswas retired teacher of the school.
     a) Highest Marks in English-class VIII
     b) For neatness.
  • Four Prizes donated by Shri P. K. Roy, retired Principal of the school in memory of his father Late Indra Chandra Roy and mother Late Panchkari Devi.
     a) Highest Marks in Social Science-class IX
     b) Highest Marks in Social Science-class VIII
     c) Highest Marks in Social Science-class VII
     d) Highest Marks in Social Science-class VI
  • a) Bengali Long Poem Recitation Prize-Donated by Smt. Anupama Sen, retired Head Mistress of the school.
    b) Best Conduct Prize-Donated by Smt. Anupama Sen, retired Head Mistress of the school.
  • Nakur Krishna Biswas Memorial Prize for best Singers Donor-Shri Arabinda Biswas.
     a) Two for Junior Group.
     b) Two for Senior Group.
  • General knowledge Prizes Donor-Shri S. K. Mukherjee for Inter house G. K. Competitions.
  • a) Net Ram Memorial Medal-Donor Shri S. K. Mukherjee Highest Marks in Board's Exam classX
    b) Dwijendra Nath Bhattacharya Memorial Medal Donor- Shri S. K. Mukherjee Highest Marks in Board's Exam-class XII.
  • Amiyakana Chakraborty Memorial Prizes (Two) Donated by Smt. Chandra Lekha Chakraborty.
     a) Highest Marks in Mathematics in Board's Exam -class X (not less than 75%)
     b) Second Highest Marks in Mathematics in Board Exam -class X {not less than 75%)
  • Nagendra Nath Mukherjee Memorial Prize Donated-Shri Gahan Kumar Mukherjee Best All-rounder in Primary Section.
  • Nilambar Mukerjee Memorial Prize Donar-Shri Gahan Kumar Mukerjee Highest Marks in Mathematics in class XII Board's Exam
  • Krishan Memorial Prize Donor-Smt. Uma Bhasin Most needy student of the school.
  • Bichitra Kumar Bhowmic Memorial Prize Donated-Smt. Binita Mazumdar Best Student of the school
  • Best All- rounder Prizes (Two) Donated-P.T.A. of the school
     a) Middle Section.
     b) Sr. Secondary Section
  • Merit Prizes for academic achievements (class 1 to XI} Three prizes for each class.
  • A number of prizes in Debate, Recitation (Bengali, Hindi and English) Rabindra Sangeet,Sports etc.
  • Bankim Behari Gosh Memorial Prizes Donated-Smt. Kamala Sircar.
     a) Highest marks in History and English-class XII Board Exam
     b) Best sports person of the year.
  • Rathindra Nath Dasgupta Memorial Medal Donated-Smt. Uma Dasgupta Highest marks in Science
  • Need Cum Merit Scholarships Cash Awards Donated-Dr. A. B. Ghosh in Memory of his mother Late Labanya Prava Ghosh
     a) Primary Section
     b) Middle Section
     c) Sr. Sec. Section
  • Gopal Krishna Guha Memorial Award Donated-Smt. Smriti Kana Guha for securing highest marks in Bengali in class IX.
  • Paresh Chandra Mitra Memorial Prize Donated-Smt. Swapna Mitra
     a) Ex-Student & Ex-Teacher of the school for securing highest marks-class X
     b) Highest marking in Bengali-class X & XII
  • P. K. Chakraborty Memorial Prize Donated-Sh. Sandipan Chakraborty Topper in commerce & huminties XII.
  • "Best student of the year" to be donated by Vice-Principal Smt. Rama Mazumder with a cash prize of Rs. 1000/-
  • "Sh.K.K. Sinha Memorial Awards" Donated by Sh. A. K. Sinha (Chairman)
     Best Sports person of the year - Rs. 1000
     Best Artist of the year (Senior) - Rs. 1500
     Highest score in Chemistry(XIl) - Rs. 1500
  • "Sh. Madhab Narayan Bhattachary Memorial Awards" Donated by Smt. Kabita Chakravorty (Teacher) need cum merit basis for two student.
  • Annual Inter Class/House Football Tournament in memory of Late Sh. Partha Pratim Chakravorty donated by Ms. Ranu Chakraborty & her Famity (Ex- Student
  • Two cash prizes donated by Sh. Deepak Biswas in memory of his wife late Smt. Debi Biswas (Ex-Teacher of School)
     I) Highest marks in Sanskrit in Boards Exam of Class X
     ii) Highest marks in Social Science in Boards Exam of Class X