• “সফল না হলে কোন দিন সফল হবার সঠিক ইচ্ছে শক্তির উদয় ঘটবেনা” – APJ Abdul Kalam
    "If you don't succeed, you will never have the right will power to succeed."

  • “অন্যের কাছ থেকে সাহায্য প্রত্যাশা করা হলো প্রতিটি মন্দের মূল কারণ।” - Shakespeare
    "Expecting help from others is the root cause of every evil."

  • আপনি সবার কথা শুনুন কিন্তু আপনার কথা সবাইকে বলা থেকে বিরত থাকুন।” -Shakespeare
    “You listen to everyone but refrain from telling everyone about yourself.”

  • “যদি সূর্যের মতো দীপ্তবান হতে চাও তাহলে প্রথমে সূর্যের মতো জ্বলো।” -APJ Abdul Kalam
    "If you want to be as bright as the sun, first shine like the sun."

  • “বিজ্ঞান মানব সম্প্রদায়ের জন্য একটি সুন্দর উপহার, এটি কোনো ভাবেই নষ্ট করা উচিৎ নয়।” -APJ Abdul Kalam
    "Science is a beautiful gift to the human community, it should not be wasted in any way."

  • “জীবনের সফলতা অর্জনের জন্য নিজের লক্ষ্যের প্রতি অবিচল ও নিষ্ঠাবান থাকতে হবে।” - APJ Abdul Kalam
    "To be successful in life, you need to be steadfast and committed to your goals."

Our History


You would be proud to learn that our school, popularly known as Kashmere Gate Bangla School, is the first recognized Bengali School in Delhi (founded on 23rd February, 1899). The school with only 40 students and a Teacher. The teacher was Mr. Karayan Das, who volunteered himself and took two hours class in the morning before going to his place of work, namely ‘Kartarak & Company’ located in Chandni Chowk. Mr. Narayan Das was joined by Pandit Net Ram Ji a year later in 1900. Panditji continued till early 1930s. Panditji was not a Bengali but was well versed in the language.

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Teacher’s role in education goes beyond a simple knowledge transformation. Today one of the biggest challenge for the parents under the lockdown is to keep their kids engaged. We are all in an unfamiliar situation and have no clue how to deal with it.

The focus of the parents under the lockdown is to keep their children happy, amidst, rising anxiety. Kids are just scared as we are right now. They have never experienced anything like this before. They feel trapped at home. You have to spare time and love your kids a bit more.

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Our Mission & Philosophy

The aim of the Institution is to impart sound education, inculcating among the boys / girls the habit of co-operation, discipline, self confidence, regularity and punctuality.

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Annual sports day 12.12.2022
Annual sports day 12.12.2022
Annual sports day 12.12.2022
Annual sports day 12.12.2022
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